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Clamps on cables for wire rope hoist, elevator and crane overload prevention and slackline detection. Installs in minutes with screwdriver and Allen wrench. Installation is simplicity itself. Clamp the Cranegard® directly onto a slack hoist or crane wire rope quickly without severing rope or interrupting service. Up to four switches can be furnished. Switch actuates immediately when pre-set load limit is exceeded. Dillon will set the switches to trigger at the loads you desire, if specified at time of order.



Available Capacities

CGS-1: 2,500 lb | 1,250 kg

CGS-2: 5,000 lb | 2,500 kg

CGS-3: 10,000 lb | 5,000 kg

CGS-4: 20,000 lb | 10,000 kg


2:1 Ultimate Safety Factor

Cable diameters

3/8” – 1¼”


Up to 4 switches for slack and overload

Switches can be wired to trigger anything from a warning alarm to complete system shutdown

Slack setpoint as low as 100lbs

Setpoints can be adjusted in the field

Why the Cranegard?

Basic units can accommodate 1,2,3 or 4 of option B or 1 or 2 of option C switches

Ultimate safety factor of all units is 2:1 (1.8:1 for metric capacities)

Cable should be IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core) with as many strands as possible

Wire rope selection for any application for proper safety factor is a customer responsibility

Calibration performed with rope diameter specified at order

WHO NEEDS A Cranegard?

Lifting & Hoisting and Engineering
Lifting & Hoisting and Engineering
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