Telemetrics employ Dillon solution and turnkey software to stress test wire ropes and cables

Telemetrics Ltd. is an engineering services and systems integration company specializing in designing and building turnkey test and measurement, data acquisition and control systems. Telemetrics engineers recently designed and developed a high-performance system to accurately measure the strength of cable and wire ropes under tension. The Dillon EDXtreme Dynamometer is an integral part of the system, providing Telemetrics with high quality data wirelessly and in real-time.

The test machine itself is a hydraulic instrument in which the Device Under Test (DUT) – cable, wire-rope etc – is mounted between a moving arm and a constant point. A Dillon EDXtreme Dynamometer with remote Communicator is used to measure the applied force, with another sensor used to measure the displacement. This arrangement allows Telemetrics to measure the maximum strength that a cable/ wire can tolerate when put under tension.

The data collected by the dynamometer is wirelessly transferred to a PC or laptop via the handheld Communicator, where it is analysed using custom-made software. The measurements that are collected during tests provide valuable information about the behavior of the DUT under tension, including its load capabilities and breaking point. Typically, the data collected is presented in a force versus displacement diagram and is used to assess the strength and working life of the products, along with the maximum tension that a product can survive.

Paris Marmaris, Information Technology and Services Consultant at Telemetrics, commented: “We selected the EDXtreme Dynamometer because we needed a high quality instrument which would enable us to take accurate measurements while also being robust enough to withstand the big impact that happens when the DUT breaks.”

With capacities of up to 500,000 lbf and overload protection up to 120%, the EDXtreme offers the ideal balance of precision with rugged construction and inherent safety. When paired with the optional Communicator, users can define the function and manage the operation of one or more EDXtreme Dynamometers remotely.

Paris continues: “In the case of this particular testing machine, the dynamometer is mounted directly to the DUT, so it was also of vital importance that we used a system which could transmit the force measurements wirelessly in real-time. The EDXtreme and wireless Communicator offers us precision measurement and wireless communication in a system that we know we can rely on.”