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Quick Check

Quick-Check Tension Meter

Quickly measures tension in cable guardrails, guy lines and overhead wires.


High tension cable barriers designed to contain and redirect errant vehicles from road hazards are quickly becoming the new standard for interstate guardrails and safety barriers with a number of countries.

They are cost efficient and quick to install as well as being very effective but to ensure the highest safety they need to be tensioned correctly in line with the manufacturers specification. This is where the Dillon Quick-Check comes into its own.

Designed especially for this task, the Quick-Check allows fast and accurate readings to be taken, ensuring correct tension is on the line. The Quick-Check saves time and reduces cost for both installation and maintenance teams without compromising on safety.

Case Studies

American Adventure Park Systems Recommend Dillon Quick-Check for Critical Zip-line Safety Checks
Dillon Quick-Check Provides Accuracy and Speed when Installing Cable Barrier Systems

As a leading provider of high-tension cable barrier systems, Gibraltar Cable Barrier Systems, L.P requires a quick, reliable and above all accurate method of checking the tension on the cables they supply. The aptly named Quick-Check tension meter from Dillon does just that, providing assurance that the systems designed to contain and re-direct vehicles from road hazards are properly tensioned at all times.