Stage Rigging, Events, & Filming

Stage Rigging & Events

Stage Rigging, Events, & Filming

From concerts, circuses and theaters to TV sets and stunts, our force measurement products are used for monitoring, controlling and maintaining load points to ensure stability and safety for your set and crew.

Products Used in Stage Rigging & Events

EDjunior Dynamometer

EDjunior Dynamometer

The EDjunior dynamometer gets straight to the point – apply a load; take a reading.

EDX Dyna

EDXtreme Dynamometer

The EDXtreme exemplifies the trademark precision and rugged construction of Dillon Dynamometers.



The FI-521 is a durable, high featured force indicator with three load cell memory.

Quick Check

Quick-Check Tension Meter

Quickly measures tension in cable guardrails, guy lines and overhead wires.

Stage About


Dillon Dynamometers, load cells and tension meters are used within the stage rigging and events sector across many different types of entertainment venues.

Dillon products can be used for many kinds of applications for the temporary attachment of materials objects with wires, cords, slings, chains, lifting appliances and other equipment.

Digital radio Dynamometers and communicators can measure the load on different points of a stadium, making the results visible for the supervision team immediately, via the wireless Communicator.

The Quick Check digital cable tension meter quickly measures tension on wires and cords. The Quick Check can take tension readings at height, as it can be installed, measure tension and be removed in seconds. Readings can be exported using Dillon software.

Case Studies

American Adventure Park Systems Recommend Dillon Quick-Check for Critical Zip-line Safety Checks
Dillon Quick-Check Used for 50th Africa Games

Dillon Quick-Check was recently used in the preparations for the 50th Africa Games. Held in Brazzaville, Congo in September 2016, the Games included spectacular visual displays involving a giant cube in the center of the stadium.