Zip Lines & Climbing

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Zip Lines & Climbing

From base jumping, ski lifts, mountain climbing to zip lining, setting the required line tension is critical so by using Dillon products you can guarantee the highest accuracy and safety plus when using the EDXtreme you can also log all your readings and down load them along with your inspection report.

Products Used in Zip Lines & Climbing

Quick Check

Quick-Check Tension Meter

Quickly measures tension in cable guardrails, guy lines and overhead wires.

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EDjunior Dynamometer

EDjunior Dynamometer

The EDjunior dynamometer gets straight to the point – apply a load; take a reading.

EDX Dyna

EDXtreme Dynamometer

The EDXtreme exemplifies the trademark precision and rugged construction of Dillon Dynamometers.

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Zip Lines About

ABOUT DILLON IN Zip Lines & Climbing

By definition, extreme activities involve some level of danger. Often, there is only a cable providing safety backup and this is why operators choose to use Dillon force measurement products as they know that the can rely on our safety record.

The Dillon Quick-Check enables you to take quick and accurate tension measurements for inspections without the need to disconnect the line as the quick check uses a clamp mechanism. The Dillon load cells such as the S-Beam enable force to be checked on cables while they are in use which means that you can continually monitor and record readings.

When it comes to customer safety, guesswork is not acceptable. Dillon’s force measurement products combine precision and quality with simple usability that means that safety checks don’t get in the way of your adventures.

Case Studies

American Adventure Park Systems Recommend Dillon Quick-Check for Critical Zip-line Safety Checks

As industry leading specialists in adventure park design, construction and management, American Adventure Park Systems take safety extremely seriously. The company, which has more than 30 years of experience in building aerial adventure parks and zip-line canopy tours, uses and recommends the Dillon Quick-Check for tensioning ziplines.

Canopy Tours select Dillon Quick Check to ensure Zip-Line safety

As one of South Africa’s fastest growing eco-adventures, Canopy Tours® is a zip-line adventure that takes thrill seekers on a journey through the treetops on a set of platforms connected by steel cables.  Needless to say, with many of the zip-lines at the company’s seven sites set high above the forest canopy, safety is paramount […]

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