Dillon offers a cost-effective repair service for Dillon products. We have a dedicated team that handles the end-to-end service process, ensuring the highest quality of repairs. Complete the Form attached and send in the unit to the factory, address at the top of the form.
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The process starts from equipment arrives with our goods inwards team.

The team conducts a visual inspection of the equipment prior to calibration and perform some general maintenance including cleaning with any identified damage being documented and communicated to the owner. The team then checks each calibration and verify the accuracy prior to calibration. The unit is then calibrated according to our ISO procedures and NIST traceable equipment to ensure the highest possible accuracy.

On completion the unit is cleaned again and returned to its carry case along with a new 12 month calibration certification. The unit is then passed to shipping who then either arrange for the unit to be returned.

We use the best calibration equipment from Instron to ensure quick and accurate calibrations that are traceable to the National Institute of Science and Technology. The test machines are calibrated annually by a third party accredited calibration house.

For a full list of available wire/rope slings, please contact the factory.